Tuesday, 07 March 2017 09:07

Drinking beer, good for the heart

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We Kenya’s are the 3rd highest beer consumer in Africa. Actually, 43% of Kenya´s Alcohol beverage consumption comes from beer. And we have good news, studies confirm that moderate beer consumption is good for the heart. The United States Heart Association presented a Pennsylvania State University study that looked at cholesterol for 80,000 people and found that good cholesterol is higher in people who drink one beer every day than in those who don´t drink alcohol.

Other investigation carried out on a group of people with high cardiovascular risk between 55 and 80 years in Spain concluded after daily and moderate consumption of beer for 28 days, that beer is good for the heart due to a decrease in inflammatory markers And stabilizers linked to cardiovascular problems.

Experts from Barcelona´s Hospital indicated that moderate consumption of beer and a healthy diet reduces the possibility of suffering a stroke, since beer has about 50 polyphenols, whose antioxidant effect contributes to control blood pressure, fat and resistance to insulin.

Also if you had a heart attack you can improve the function of the heart, said a specialist at the Center for Cardiovascular Research in Barcelona, ​​as the properties of beer help to heal the tissue after suffering a heart attack.

These studies were based on the moderate intake of beer with or without alcohol and confirm the positive effects of the beer on the heart. But remember, it should be consumed in moderation.

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