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How to Take Care of Your Emotional Health

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There are situations in life that can cause depression, specifically in Kenya, 43.7% of youths in public schools, and 41.3% of people attending general health facilities show symptoms of clinical depression.

This is why taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. The physical well-being affects your emotional health, and in the same way certain actions that you carry out for your emotional health will positively affect your body. Emotions influence your life, do not fall into stress and negativity. Today Mobile Health wants to help you improve your emotional health with these tips:

1) Accept the moments as they are: It is often more complicated to accept a difficult moment, however you must accept and think positively, something can be learned from that situation.

2) Stay Active: Ideal for taking care of your mental health. Apart from your daily activities, make your brain have challenges, learn new things, this will keep you more active.

3) Avoid disturbing yourself: When you are angry, breathe and calm down, observe things unrelated to your anger. You will see yourself calming down.

4) Rest, take time and do things for yourself: Dedicate yourself a few minutes a day. Do something you like, for example practice your favorite sport.

5) Remove Negative Emotions: Accumulating negative emotions can affect your physical and emotional health, discourage them.

6) Welcome the laughter: Practice smiling. Although there might be times when you lack the reasons, it sounds crazy, but laughter is health.

7) It’s also worth crying: When you feel that you need it, cry and let it go.

8) Value yourself and value others: Remember how positive you and the people around you are.

9) Spend time with those you love: Do not forget those people who are important to you and spend some time with them.

Keep in mind the importance of taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Put these tips in practice to help you take care of your emotional health.

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