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The importance of the annual medical checkup

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What a better way to start the year than taking care of your health? We know some tropical diseases, especially malaria and tuberculosis, have long been a public health problem in Kenya. So, Mobile Health recommends you to have an annual medical checkup, this is a complete medical examination that allows you to know more about your health, prevent or reduce disease risk factors and early detect any condition, so that the treatment is more effective and the diagnosis more favorable.

The medical examinations that are carried out are varied, because it is a preventive method, according to several factors, your doctor will indicate you to which specialists you will be remitted. In addition to the studies, together with the physician, they should determine actions and strategies for health care.

According to specialists for this checkup you need to go with a 12 hours fasting period, comfortable clothes in case you are asked for resistance tests and well rested. Annual medical check-ups are different according to gender, age, family history, risk factors and habits.

According to experts, the annual medical check-up can be done at any age, but after 18 years it becomes essential, especially if there is a history of any illness in the family. From the age of 65, specialists recommend doing two annual medical check-ups.

The annual medical check-up allows you to detect any alterations in time, in addition to indicating if you have good health and areas for improvement. Avoid stress, eat healthy and exercise according to the doctor, who will also tell you if you need to get this check again done again in less time.

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