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Best Weaning Foods

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Weaning is the process of introducing food other than breast milk to a baby’s diet. Babies are weaned from between three and six months old, but most studies recommend six months. At six months, the baby’s body is ready to start processing other food besides breast milk.

When weaning, it is important to make sure that the baby gets all the nutrients that their body needs to grow and develop. In the initial stages of weaning, breast milk should still be given to the baby and not stopped immediately.

At this point in their development, babies need more nutrients than breast milk alone can give them, especially iron. Vegetables and fruits can be pureed and fed to the baby. They include butternut squash, sweet potatoes (ngwaçe) and potatoes. Bananas and avocado are also good weaning foods. Processed foods such as sodas and food with preservatives should be avoided during the weaning process.

It is important to consult with a doctor if you choose to start weaning your baby before they are six months old because there are foods that they are still unable to eat. In fact, cow’s milk, which is often used as a substitute for breast milk, contains gluten and should not be given to babies below six months because it may be harmful to their health.

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