Friday, 21 July 2017 10:27

Asthma: Identifying Triggers And Minimizing Attacks

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Asthma is a respiratory condition resulting from allergies and hypersensitivity to certain conditions such as extreme cold. It affects the bronchi and makes it difficult for the sufferer to breathe. An asthma attack is triggered by different things in different individuals. It is important to learn what triggers your own attacks and avoid them.

Some asthma attacks are triggered by extreme cold. If this is your trigger, you should make sure to remain warm at all times. Dress warmly in layers, making sure to keep your chest and back especially warm. Scarves and gloves are especially helpful for this purpose.

There are those whose attacks are triggered by pollen. In this case it is important to avoid flowers and take precautions when taking part in outdoor activities as some common plants, even grass, may contain enough pollen to cause an attack.

If you have a prescription inhaler, make sure you keep it with you at all times. Inhalers provide nearly instant relief when used during an attack. Make sure your inhaler is filled and always check the expiry date. It is also important to heed the cleaning instructions for the dispenser so that there are no problems when you need to use it.

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