Friday, 21 July 2017 10:35

Beating The Flu

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Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a common respiratory disease. It is a disease that commonly affects large portions of a particular population because it is a communicable disease, and so can move from one person to another. However, most of the time it is mild and affected people do not need to seek medical assistance. Usually plenty of rest can help contain the illness while your body works to fight it.

There is a vaccine available for the flu. However, it is not universally available in Kenya as yet. You may consult with your doctor and choose to pay for the vaccine to be administered to you. This will help protect you during outbreaks. Remember to get the flu shot annually

During an outbreak, some people choose to wear light medical masks in order to prevent themselves from spreading the disease to other people. You may also choose to wear a mask during an outbreak in order to prevent yourself from being infected by the disease.

If you have the flu, try to minimize contact with others. Take a sick day from work and avoid social gatherings so as not to spread the disease and cause an outbreak. The flu is a relatively simple disease to treat, but if the symptoms persist after rest and over the counter medication, please consult a doctor immediately. Some symptoms of flu are similar to tuberculosis, which is a very serious disease, but is treatable for free in Kenya.

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