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How To Manage Menopause

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51 is the average age in which women officially start menopause but symptoms can start early. Many women cope with mild menopause symptoms and don’t need medication or therapies. Before starting any treatment it is important to have accurate information. Menopause can be managed through the following ways depending on whether the changes are physical or not.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is the medical replacement of the female hormones. The three hormones of relevance during menopause are progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. These hormones bring about menopausal symptoms when the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body fluctuate as the ovaries try to keep up with the normal hormonal production levels. A doctor may prescribe HRT after seeing the patient. Never self-medicate with HRT.

Some menopause related changes are visible such as hot flushes, breast tenderness, urinal incontinence, overweight bodies among others. Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can help ease some of the physical symptoms. Night sweats in particular can be alleviated by avoiding alcohol, hot beverages and spicy food.

Significant hormonal changes can impact one’s mood. Irritability, depression and overall moodiness are the most common effects that can be solved by relaxing physical activities like yoga, a balanced diet filled with vegetables and fruit, and getting enough rest with a healthy sleep cycle.

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