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Dealing With Hair Loss

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Alopecia areata is a condition characterized by sudden onset of patchy hair loss in both children and adults without signs of skins inflammation or scarring that greatly affects the quality of life. The condition is unpredictable as spontaneous regrowth of hair can occur at any time during its course with the possibility of subsequent relapse. It is believed to be an autoimmune condition. Chemotherapy drugs can damage healthy cells such as hair follicles causing loss of hair. Hair loss can also be brought on by oneself, for example if one constantly has very tight braids in their hair, they may start to lose hair along their hairline.

The following are simply ways to assist with dealing with hair loss:

• Spectacles should be worn outdoor to protect the eyes from airborne particles if at all eyelashes are lost.
• Patients can use sunscreen, wigs or hats to protect exposed scalp skin.
• Avoid coloring, perming or relaxing hair and use a soft bristle hair brush to avoid too much brushing and pulling of hair.
• During cold weather, wear hats or scarfs to prevent loss of body heat.
• Use mild, gentle shampoos and rinse hair thoroughly.
• Avoid using elastic bands and tying hair into a tight ponytail.
• Do not put tight braids in your hair all the time, and when you do, make sure that they do not stay in too long as this may lead to hair loss.

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