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Here is what you need to know about contraception.

First is that condoms are not the most effective method of contraception. The use of just a condom is not really a good idea because condoms have a higher failure rate as compared to all other forms of contraception. But on the bright side they are the best in reducing the risk of catching an STD

If you are forgetful try everything else but the pill. This is because taking the pill every day at the same time is very important. In an article for Fusion, Taryn Hillin discusses that while it's not crucial, the timing does matter — and why. Here's the deal: If hormone administration isn't kept consistent within the body, all sorts of things can go out of whack. It is recommended that a new dose of the hormones be put in your body within evenly spaced intervals — hence the requirement to take the pill every day.

The coil can sometimes get dislodged, this is when the womb contracts and pushes the coil down through the cervix making the coil threads longer.

There’s no best contraceptive really, it all comes down to what works best with your body and your lifestyle. When picking the kind of contraceptive you want to start using take into consideration your medical history and any potential side effects you experience. The best contraception is the one that is tailored to your needs and reproductive health goals.

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