Friday, 21 July 2017 10:52

STD Stigma

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There’s harmful stigma surrounding sexually transmitted diseases. When diagnosed with one people are normally ashamed or embarrassed by it. STDs can mean all kinds of things but it is not an indicator of their moral or ethical shortcomings. It is known that millions of people in the world has an STIs. This is important because STDs affect everyone whether you have been with one or 50 partners.

The lack of knowledge on STIs only puts you at more risk of contracting it and sadly has lead way to people stigmatizing others labeling them as dirty people or damaged goods. It is said to be the ultimate and continuous walk of shame.

Having an STI is something that can be scary and difficult to process, especially when you first find out. So it is important to help people health by talking about sexual health and talking about your experience to so that those affected know that they are not alone. Also correct and stop those who talk ill of those with STDs.

Above all things we should all get tested.

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