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Risk factors for cancer

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When talking about the risk of cancer usually we are referring the chances in which a person can develop cancer or chances in which it will recur. It is normally not possible to know exactly why one person develops cancer but research has shown that certain risk factors may increase a person’s chances of developing cancer.

The general risk factors are;

• Old age and family history
• Using tobacco
• Specific chemicals or other substances
• Exposure to radiation, including ultraviolent radiation from sunlight
• Some types of viral infections such as human papillomavirus (HPV)

Though some risk factors can be avoided like being overweight, getting multiple sunburns and using tobacco, others like old age and Hereditary cannot. So it is advised If you think you may be at risk for cancer, you should discuss the concern with your doctor.

One should also understand and get to know there Relative and absolute risk of getting cancer. Absolute in most cases is the chance that a person will develop a disease during a given time. While relative risk compares between a group of people who have a particular risk factor and those who don’t.

Risk measurements can also be helpful when making the decision to change your lifestyle. They also help doctors understand whether an individual’s risk is higher or lower than the general populations.

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