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Lifestyle choices that cause and reduce the risk of getting cancer

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It is said that approximately 45 percent of cancers in men and 40 percent of cancers in women could be prevented by living a healthier lifestyle, a report from the Cancer Research UK concludes. Our lifestyle choices and the way we lead our day-to-day lives can affect our risk of developing cancer. The lifestyle choices that contribute to one getting cancer may include alcohol consumption, being overweight, smoking and not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These lifestyle choices, in addition to workplace and environmental factors, account for the causes of a large portion of cancers in humans.

Smoking is habit that is commonly known to cause a large percentage of lung cancer in addition to bladder, kidney, pancreatic and cervical cancer. The best action you can take is to focus all of your energy on kicking the very difficult habit and getting a new hobby, talk to a physician and also talk to young ones on the dangers and effects of smoking.

Being overweight which is also known as Obesity has been estimated to cause 20 percent of all cancers, according to a study last year in Oncologist. Its best prevention is simply eating a healthy diet by watching the portions you eat, eating a generous amount of vegetables with every meal, drinking water instead of sugary drinks and avoid late night snaking. All this should be one with a goal of reducing your body mass index to a healthy level.

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