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Voluntary Counseling And Testing: What Happens There?

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Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) is a service provided free of charge across different institutions in Kenya. If you choose to visit a VCT center, you may go alone but it is good to go with your partner if you are currently in a sexual relationship with them, or would like to have one in the near future.

Before the testing commences, there is a pre-counseling session that prepares you for all possible outcomes of the test. The pre-counseling is an important part of the process. The test is then carried out. If the result is negative, post-test counseling on how to maintain a negative status ensues. If the test is positive, a second test is carried out for confirmation. If the second test is also positive, then counseling for a HIV positive person ensues. After counseling, if the result was positive, you will be referred to a hospital for a final test and the stars of Antiretrovial (ARV) drugs, which are provided free by the Kenyan government in public health institutions.

It is recommended to get retested every three months in order to have early diagnosis and treatment to help manage the virus. Remember, a positive result is not a death sentence.

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